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TenderTonks Cattery...Love under foot for over 20 years

Welcome to our website. Stephen and Ron have been Tonkinese breeders for ovr 20 years. We have a small cattery in our home and raise kittens with a lot of love. All of our cats are CFA registered and healthy animals. We are constantly bringing new lines into the cattery to keep it and the breed  robust and healthy. Feefree to call or email us with questions.

Tonkinese Kittens

We breed kittens one litter at a time as a rule so that we may give the babies all the love and attention they require. We really love our tonks! Our kittens come in all tonk colors: platinum, blue, champagne, and natural. The kittens also come as minks, solids and points. People may send a deposit on upcoming litters to attempt to get specific colors and sex.

You Will Love Our Kittens!

All kittens come with a health and a congenital defect guarentee. We request you keep the cats indoors to stay healthy and away from disease and other environmental hazzards to cats.

Location and Contact

We are located in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area near Walnut Creek, California. We welcome people to view our cats...queens, studs and , of course kittens!

Feel free to email or call (925) 362-0666


You will love our Tonkinese kittens....